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KarPocket is karaoke and midi player for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 6 / 5
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5 February 2008

Editor's review

You can make your Pocket PC more entertaining by adding lots of music to it. For doing it, you can take the help of KarPocket 3.3 is a player that makes it easy to play .KAR or MIDI files on your windows mobile. It comes loaded with a host of features that are easy to use. These also include customization options and capacity to design a play list as per your choice and have the songs played all by themselves.

KarPocket 3.3 player has a sleek interface get on to your Window mobile without a hassle. The program provides you with different innovative options like, you can set to change the background images of the player with the songs. To make it striking you can change the size, color and style of the symbols. It’s easy for you set the player to change the amount of the song lines. For making variations you can have the tempo and the tone changed with much of ease. Arrange all your songs in a playlist and play them with the player so that you would nee to have the sings changed every time. There are various modes for the playback of the music. It has the playing option set on the screen for easy processes like play, stop, pause, etc. You can even add the songs easily with the Add option. You also get options to make the changes so that the program functions accordingly. The software supports different languages that you can choose from.

KarPocket 3.3 player receives a score of 3.5 rating points on account its optimum performance in playing files on your Pocket PC. It well rounded features including support for multiple languages and a detailed display of track information also makes it a rather useful utility.

Publisher's description

KarPocket is karaoke and midi player for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 6 / 5.
KarPocket play karaoke files with expansion .KAR and usual MIDI files on PocketPC devices.
The song text is displayed on the screen on a background of the varying images.
- change of the background images in intervals between verses of song;
- change of the style, size and color of symbols;
- change of amount of song lines;
- change a tone and tempo;
- various modes of playback of music;
- support of playlists;
- support Windows Mobile 6 / 5;
- 18 languages.
Sing the favourite songs and you become a happy!
Version 3.3
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